7th International Piano Competition
April 17th, 18th and 19th, 2015

March 22nd, 2015

The 7th International Competition “Giovani Musicisti - Città di Treviso” is held by the music Academy “Studio Musica” of Treviso in Academy with the town of Treviso, the Veneto region and the province of Treviso.
The competition is designed for young musicians, solo or ensemble, both male and female, of any nationality.

Artistic Director
Michele Della Ventura

Accademia Musicale “Studio Musica”
Via Terraglio, 81 - 31100 Treviso (Italy)
Tel. (+39) 0422.346704 - (+39) 338.2207558
Fax (+39) 0422.346704
E-mail: studio.musica@tin.it
Web site: www.studiomusicatreviso.it


We invite piano students from around the world to apply to compete in the
6th International Piano Competition, held by the Music Academy "Studio Musica".
Aspiring school-age pianists will have the opportunity to share their talents in a
friendly and beautiful setting.

The public is welcome to attend.

Rules of the Competition


The assessing panel is made up of music school teachers and music operators.

The judges will vote individually, through secret ballot, in hundredths.
The mean value will be calculated by leaving out the highest and the lowest score.
The final judgment will be final in all cases.

Pierluigi Piran
Irene Russo
Massimo Somenzi
Giovanni Tirindelli
Antonio Vigani